How Social Media Can Improve Your Medical Practice Profits?

How Social Media Can Improve Your Medical Practice Profits

There is an urgent need to realign and improve your medical practice digital footprint today. Why do you ask?

Because consumers use social media to gather news, information, and reviews about services that they hear others talking about or what they see others using. Integrating social media as a part of your practice brand building program is essential… Social media provides reinforcement to the messaging of your brand. It’s also an essential way to drive up your website page views and lead generation which in turn drives the consumer’s through your doors.

But with so much chatter on the internet today, how do you get your message across without sounding like a commercial or salesperson?

Let’s start by asking more specific questions:

What is your brand and your message? Is your focus on Experience? Is it on Quality? Is it Quantity? Is it Safety? or Speed of Delivery?

Your social media message should drive home one or more of these points. Work to connect with potential buyers and consumers on a personal level.

The best way we at Social Media Solutions for Doctors have found is to use social media much like you would when you share information with a friend or family member. You want to let them in on ways to save money, or how to get advance notice of some upcoming special event before everyone else is aware of it or the product is all gone! Create a sense of urgency as well as a call to action all along the way in your communication process.

We suggest creating conversational topics with many images and intermittent videos centered around the most requested topics or services in your Cosmetic or Aesthetic Practice. If it is the latest and greatest Hair Restoration system like NeoGraft or the Artas Robotic System or the latest in facial rejuvenation like Restylane Silk for the lips and Restylane Lift which is for raising the facial structure. Or how about the latest technology for Liposuction or fat removal via Cool Sculpting, Aqua Lipo, or Smart Lipo. And last but not least, tell them how to pay for such services using their Brilliant Distinctions, Customer Loyalty Program, or Special Offer for Referral of Family or Friends. You also want to provide financing options in the event the prospective client needs financing like Care Credit or United Medical Credit.

When you start your social media program remember it won’t be an instant success or result as this is part of your brand building foundation and marketing. This, in turn, will help drive website traffic and leads to your website. The mission is to improve your digital footprint across the world wide web and to grow your local practice traffic with the renewed patient acquisition. That being said, your website will need to have a redirect back to all your social media pages so that the cross-linking can continue the cycle of brand engagement from multiple sources…

We also strongly recommend using the paid option on Facebook, Twitter, or Instagram and other social media channels would be a low-cost way to increased engagement. Comparatively the cost per lead is much smaller than Google pay per click, however, Google pay per click prospects are further down the pipeline of the buying funnel. Social media leads are typically at the start.

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Our mission:

Social Media Solutions For Doctors was created out of the need to help physicians to safely integrate social, chat, text, and mobile website design into their medical marketing plan and communication process with patients. As more and more doctors transition their practice to a fee for service model with a focus on well care. Having and using Social Media as an effective communication and outreach tool will undoubtedly drive up the number of new patient visitors as well as patient recommendations with testimonials about the office for cash-based prospects to see.

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