How To Respond to Social Media Likes, Followers and Comments

How To Respond to Social Media Likes Followers and Comments

Responding to social media prospects is just as important as answering calls or emails. In fact, because consumers took the time to visit your profile and or business page it indicates you have what they need, like or want.

Fortunate for you, your marketing company is creating the kind of content that is driving brand awareness and interest from new patient prospects.

These are Warm Leads and should be treated as such. And your goal is to reach the prospects where they are and when they indicate a need or desire. Some marketing systems have an autoresponder which is good, but may not be as personable.

At Social Media Solutions For Doctors,we recommend that your Front Desk or Patient Care Coordinator send a brief email or note to induce further engagement. This is the critical step to increased business and sales.

Some prospects may not respond but if you can close two to four likes, follows, or engage with comments just imagine the impact on the practice bottom line.

And yes most are just browsing or what we call Looky Lous. But others are just waiting for a friendly and gentle nudge to check out your services. and or product.

Social media is just what it says. Be social, talk, make friends. This is the easiest way to grow clients. Connecting with them while they’re hot!

So, thank them for visiting your page and ask if they had a particular need or question that someone at the office can answer. It might go something like this:

Hello Sally,

Thank you for visiting our page. We love hearing from our followers and clients.

I saw you liked our recent post about, stem cells, beauty product, regenerative medicine information, arthritis treatments Etc

Please feel free to let me know if we can be of assistance to you in any way. If you have a medical question or concern our staff and doctor have been helping patients for many years. We’d love to hear from you, so I’m leaving our office number just in case: (example 444-366-9966)

Kindest Regards and I look forward to speaking with you soon.

By the way, this same response can be used with MailChimp or Constant Contact responses.

The closure rate for internet leads should be no less than 70% for scheduling a consult, and even higher once they come into the office This is because in most cases prospects have already done their research, they are just trying to validate if the doctor is qualified to perform the procedure(s).

Also tracking your lead results is pivotal to your practice success. A system we have found to be most effective in lead nurturing, tracking and lead closure is Marketing analytics helps the practice monitor and measure results and setting profit goals.

In conclusion, how quickly you respond, and what you say has the biggest impact on your practice. So make sure your staff is well trained and can book the consultation after the questions of the prospect are answered.