What Medical Shift Is Underway?

What Medical Shift Is Underway

There is a medical shift Underway. Can You Feel It? What shift do you ask?

From Healthcare To WellCare…

Both Patients and Doctors have grown tired of the politics related to medicine. And because the population is getting older, the urgency to find solutions to our escalating healthcare cost has taken on more of a focused and urgent need. Finding other ways to reduce costs and to improve treatment outcomes is critical. Additionally, the politics of medicine is also slowing down the progress and discoveries of medicine.

Just as the internet changed and enhanced our ability to communicate with one another. So too will the recent medical discoveries related to Cell Assisted Technology like Exosomes, Regenerative Medicine using Amniotic or PRP, Wharton’s Jelly, Stem Cell treatments using both Bone Marrow and Adipose. Not to mention, Cannabis CBD Oil for Pain Management, Functional and Naturopathic medicine, as well as Chiropractic, Acupuncture and Shockwave Therapies.

Each of these treatment pathways opens the door to a more scientific and modern way to treat patients while reducing cost and bringing the patient a reasonable measure of health using non-traditional treatment options:

These new yet older alternative modalities have reawakened the medical communities’ view of the science within the body, while also showing nature’s way of healing once more. Each in its own way has taken us back to the future to where nature has already proven its dominion. Removing the current unemotional or synthetic nature of prescribing medicine or using an insurance-driven recommendation for treatments.

The generation of patients today in addition to fighting sickness is also fighting a major prescription drug epidemic which is ravaging families and communities. Recently in Florida, there was a townhall called Opioid Crisis Town Hall. This issue is affecting a generation of families and is forcing doctors to seek alternative treatments and protocols. Without these new options, we could likely see devasting impacts on our society and country. Science is being driven by patient demand and fear of addiction.

What we now know more than ever is that our bodies hold the secrets to our medical success in the future. Scientists and Doctors are rediscovering their love for the natural pathways in which medicine and science connect. Everyone is checking and rechecking the science like students in medical school.

Organizations like A4M, TOBI, Boston BioLife, IFATS, AMMG just to name a few of the many teaching organizations available to doctors today who are seriously seeking medical alternatives for their patients. Doctors are learning as much as they can through didactic and hands-on training as well as medical journals like BioInformant, New England Journal of Medicine, Havard Medical School, Standford University, Mayo Clinic just to name a few.

Through national interest and proven science, we now are being forced to acknowledge that nature knows best how to treat patients without so many side effects from prescribed pain medicine due to surgeries. As patients have chosen to move away from long-held traditions and views which are driven by corporate governance. Patients want options and are driving medical discovery with potential groundbreaking cures in the very near distant future.