Importance of Updating Your Website Now That Google Has Gone Mobile First

In the last two years, there have been significant changes within and surrounding the internet as mobile phones have become a dominant factor in terms of how everyone communicates. These changes have been so dramatic that Google even had to modify its search perimeters to a Mobile-First platform. Mobile online traffic has already blown by desktops, laptops, and IPads. Google using sound business practices decided to go where the traffic is leading, and that traffic is mobile-first search.

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On the other hand, Facebook has also made significant adjustments with mobile phone use on their platforms. Now with the acquisition of Instagram, Messenger App, WhatsApp, and Chatbot autoresponders, Facebook is able to deliver rapid and responsive services via your cellphone.

These are just a few of the recent changes which may be causing your website to become obsolete. If you haven’t updated your website in the last two years, you are likely to quickly fall behind in new customers and new business.

The hard facts are, how you look online will attract or repel new consumers and or patients. If your website style, image, and colors appear outdated, new patients are likely seeking out your competition. Customers might think if the website is outdated and unresponsive your business might also be out of date.

By updating or creating a mobile-first, responsive, and visually compelling website, we at Social Media Solutions For Doctors believe that this could be the ticket to driving many new consumers and patients to your practice. This, in turn, will help you get back on the road to success! And by the way, we updated our own company website if that gives you any indication of the urgency.

Here are a few additional reasons why Mobile First is important:

  1. Mobilization of Websites 
  2. Need For Updated Content 
  3. Https Security Integration
  4. Google Mobile-First Change
  5. Social Media Integration Updates
  6. ChatBot Integration Updates
  7. Terms Of Use and Privacy Policy
  8. Ongoing WordPress and Mobile Updates

Take a look at one of our recent websites to get an idea of how we can help

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