Is Your Practice Ready To Open? Here’s How To Prepare!

Is Your Practice Ready To Open
If you’re a medical practice owner and plan to open your elective care office in the next 30 to 45 days…

You must reestablish a new practice culture related to new patient interaction and engagement now that COVID19 has affected our business economy.

What safety measures must be in place before you start accepting patients again back in the office and going forward?

In order to open your practice, you will also need to ensure that you have specific things in place before you start to receive current and new patients.

A. Have you contacted your insurance agent to ensure that your medical malpractice is up to date?

Does it provide enough coverage should a patient claim they got COVID after visiting your office or medical practice? Whether true or untrue you will need to protect and defend as COVID infections will be an ongoing issue.
Have you spoken to your insurance company/agent to obtain an addendum that will add within your policy additional coverage for Loss Of Use, it is possible sections of the country will shut down again due to reactivation issues related to COVID19…
Do you have a hold harmless agreement that protects the practice in the event of a potential lawsuit related to COVID19, has your Attorney Reviewed it?

B. Now is the time to start educating your medical practice staff on new or revised practice operations due to COVID19.  Here are some questions to consider:

Is your front desk person or receptionist staff protected behind a partition, is it required?  Do they have at least an N95 mask to protect themselves and your patients?

Do You Use an IPad or Clipboard during patient registration/sign-in, who cleans them after each patient, or do you use pens, if so, do you discard after use or clean them? Which Is Safer?

Have you trained your staff on all the needed protocols related to patient safety i.e. washing their hands, using disinfectants, room preparation requirements for patient visits, and proper cleaning methods after each patient visit and interaction?

How will you stagger patient flow so that the office waiting room is not out of compliance with social distancing requirements?

It may be necessary to have your staff wear gowns or gloves all day when seeing patients? Do you have enough gloves, masks, and or gowns?

How many staff members and or providers will your patients be interacting with during their visit? The fewer the better as risk mitigation and exposure is critical?

How will you dispose of all waste materials and is your cleaning company wiping all door handles and light fixtures that are commonly used by the visiting public?

C. Have you updated your Patient Intake Forms yet with a COVID DISCLAIMER? Has it been reviewed by an attorney if so?

Example Language Below

By coming to our office for treatment, you the patient are assuming the same risks as the general population in other crowded environments or situations. We assume no risk or responsibility for COVID19 but assure you that all reasonable and prudent measures are being used to keep you the patient safe while visiting at (Practice Name)

Wearing a mask, washing our hands after every patient visit, and using social distancing provides the best form of protection.

We ask that all patients show restraint when coming into the office by utilizing the six feet distance measure should you find another patient already in the office receiving treatments. We thank you in advance for your adherence to these updated policies and look forward to providing you the very best Aesthetic services we can offer.

The patient should sign something like this and place it in their files before you should provide services…

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