Instagram Business: The Basics For Page Setup

Starting out, you should have an Instagram page name that is reflective of your company name. If you find it has already been taken, create a name that best identifies what you do as the title IG page name.

Next, be sure that your page is set to Business or Professional which is typically more B to B and also consumer-facing. Otherwise, you’ll target the wrong crowd/audience. The other benefit of Business or Professional Page is Lead Generation tools like Boost and Audience Insights.

However, if you want to target consumers you want to make it a Personal page to provide inspiration, food for thought, or mention of products. You can offer helpful tips or invite them to join your newsletter. Try to indirectly nudge them to the educational or product website pages that you publish. With Personal pages, you want to be friendly. Talk to your audience, ask questions, create quizzes, use surveys etc.. Be more interactive and conversational.

Some posts should be tied to products, education, training, development, upcoming webinars, etc. Use of past videos from your archives along with promoting your own Youtube channel has a dual impact. Videos that are listed should last no longer than 1 or 2 minutes with a call to action.

And remember it’s not about the number of likes, but the number of views that are generated. Which post gets the most eyeballs! You’ll need to look at your INSIGHTS weekly to get a feel for what your audience is responding to in your post.

Also, be sure to use Stories or Reels two to three times a week. Post images or videos that relate to the brand and calls to action. It’s surprising how many views you generate just from Stories even at times more than posts!

Here are additional tips!



1. If you are not using Canva – Please Start as you will have access to more design features, more image options, and beautiful color quality

2. We recommend posting five days per week to drive brand recognition and to increase the Know, Like, and Trust Factors.

3. Your number of followers to the number whom you follow, should be about a two-to-one ratio. Following people you don’t know or who don’t match your customer profile will suppress views, potential responses, and inquiries.

It has been thought that a high volume of followers leads to volume sales. This is not entirely correct. Why? Because most of those followers are purchased followers and are just for show. You want people who really are interested and follow your industry or products. This is where the real sales happen!

4. Your title profile page should include your phone, web address, or email address – using will help compress the length of the website address if needed. This helps people reach you right away! (The IG page should connect to a general email inbox where anyone can check for leads and comments)

5. Your website link should take potential clients to your most important page. The Home page is usually the best as it tells people the who, what, when, and why to choose your business… 

6. You must have consistency in your font types so that your IG page has continuity and structure. This all plays to brand recognition, awareness, and style. If you find a low response to a certain style, don’t be afraid to change the styling or messaging, you are trying to find what works.

7. Again, make sure that in settings you have the page listed as a Business/Professional page and not Personal. Not doing so will likely drive the wrong prospects to your page and keep you from getting the analytic stats that will help you to identify what your audience likes and what posts have the biggest impact on your business audience. It will also impact your Lead Generation – Review Your Analytics Weekly so you can see what works!

8. All posts should have at least the company logo with contact phone, website address, or email. Typically you will find it inside the post but at the bottom.

9. We recommend that you identify and follow some influencers who could affect your audience views or reach i.e. organizations or individuals that relate to your industry.

10. Most importantly you want to use Hashtags as they help source your post to the correct target audience based on search – typically you see the number of posts for that hashtagged word, company, or individual

11. Always try to respond to your messages, someone should have a direct email account to see what’s being requested. In some cases, you’ll get a lot of spam messages which we recommend you Block, Restrict, and or Delete entirely.



12. Additional posts should also be tied to Client Testimonials, Event Posts of Upcoming Shows, Training Events, Special Offers of the various products and services you provide. Newsletter announcements with links also help.

These are the recommended suggestions to improve reach, views, conversions, and sales….

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