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Quintin Gunn Sr.

Social Media Solutions for Doctors

We pride ourselves on being a doctor and practice focused Medical Marketing Agency. With close to twenty years of experience in online medical marketing, staff training, and practice development, we feel our ability to help your practice reach its financial goals is a direct result of our experience. Check us out at or call us now!

Quintin Gunn Sr.

Finding, Attracting, and Keeping New Patients for Doctors and Practice Groups is a critical part of Practice Development!
The key to Doctor’s Social Media is to use Multiple Social Media Tools, Newsletters, Mobile Website Design, Custom Website Design, Live Feed Customer Interactions, Chatbots, and Facebook Messenger just to name a few.
If you want to Get Social and Stay Connected to your new patient prospects and clients, then! Let Social Media Solutions For Doctors help you reach your target audience and train your staff on how to upsell additional products and services!

Our Silver Plan

The Silver Package provides social media integration within all social platforms to improve brand awareness and message consistency. Your daily post relates to all topics and service-based product posts for client engagement and lead generation. It also includes a Basic Mobile Website Design with up to 15 pages 3 Weekly Topical Post to all social media channels:

Google My Business
Branded Monthly Newsletter
Creation of Facebook, and Instagram Ads and Retargeting for Lead Generation
(Ad spend is outside of the package and is based upon business income goals )

Our Gold Plan

The Gold package includes all services within the Silver Package
Five Daily Social Media Post

Practice Development

Consulting Services

Social Media Integration for Lead Generation

YouTube Channel Development and Promotion

Branded Monthly Newsletter for Lead Generation

Chatbot Services for Lead Generation

Website Patient Testimonial Promotions

Website Language Translation Button

Premium Call Tracking Service for Lead Generation

Our Platinum Plan

All-inclusive of Silver and Gold packages with Custom Mobile Website Design  that includes:

Up to 25 pages and Product Shopping Cart Page
Practice Development Consulting Services
Staff Sales Training and Development Script
Branded and Customized Monthly Newsletter for Lead Generation
Promotion of Monthly Seminars or Lunch and Learns
Google My Business
Site Map Placement
Reputation Management

Website Design – Mobile and Custom Design Plan

We guarantee our custom website designs will help your medical practice attract new patients while keeping current patients coming back more.
Our clients include Plastic and Cosmetic Surgeons, Dermatologists, Regenerative Stem Cell Doctors, Chiropractors, Ophthalmologists, Anti Aging Specialists, Lasik, and Optometrists. Creating a compelling custom design that is mobile friendly to iPhones and Andriod alike. Let us help you design a custom website that stands out and attracts new patients!



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