Medical practices owners commonly ask, how much should I spend every month on marketing to get new patients? It can vary. Few things that you need to think of! Most importantly, your goals for your business and whether your business is new or well-established for years. In addition, another question that comes to your mind is what kind of medical marketing techniques are best to promote your business and how to invest in it.

Are You Spending Enough on Your Medical Marketing Budget?

A big part of medical marketing is trial and error. Professionals can help you with valuable suggestions, but the success of healthcare strategies depends on the practice type, specialty, and location. Ultimately, you and your team are the ones who can best test the marketing techniques. You need to weed out the out non-performing techniques and adjust your marketing budget accordingly. Eventually, you will spend on which works for your practice and strategies that fulfill your business goals and result in the growth of your business.

Factors That Influence Your Marketing Spend

When you set a medical marketing budget, how can you get the most output from it? Several internal and external factors influence affect your investment decisions.

Age of practice and market position

If your practice is new or you have to start with a first marketing campaign, invest 30 to 40 percent. Brand awareness is not easy to achieve. It may be a lot in comparison to other practices, but as your market position will strengthen your practice will eventually grow. Then you can reduce the budget to 10 percent to 20 percent.

Marketing goals

If your practice is new, you have to invest more in marketing. However, a well-established practice has to launch a new service and generate awareness then the budget has to be huge. But before going on any amount, you should consider your 10 percent to 20 percent. Patient retention is easy. You have to don’t have to spend much but satisfy them with quality services. A 10 percent budget is enough depending on your revenue and target audience.

Competitors’ marketing spend

Check out the budget of your competitors and the strategies they are implementing for marketing. You can calculate your medical marketing budget based on the platform used for marketing your practice, such as social networks, email marketing, paid ads, and SEO tactics.

Target audience

Your target market has a great impact on your marketing budget. Once you analyze your target audience, it becomes important to gain insight on how to reach them and what marketing mediums are best to reach your audience. Your audience may vary so you have to go for the marketing campaign according to that.

It is important to understand that your medical marketing budget, like your practice, is dynamic. You need to assess your marketing metrics critically and check if they are working as you expected. If your marketing campaign is not giving results then you have to find a way to do it and make it better.

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