Patient Selection

Why Patient Selection Is Critical To The Success of Your Medical Practice

To start our conversation, we want you to understand. Converting Every prospect is not the goal, but converting the Right One is …

In our view Patient selection can make or break your medical practice.

Here is why:

Typically poor patient selection can lead to doctor or staff burnout
Will result in a high number of bad … 

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How To Be Successful When Closing Online Leads If Insurance Doesn’t Cover The Cost…

In most cases, the least paid person can have the biggest impact on the practice.

Why do we say this:

Often the person answering the phone is the first impression about who and what the practice is on the inside.

You only get one chance to make a first impression. Make It Count!

Being friendly, polite, and …

If you’d like speak to me personally while at the Plastic Surgery Aesthetic Mtg or A4M Mtg in Orlando email me at [email protected] to setup a time after your session(s)is over.

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Doctors Corner Marketing Advice

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1. Create a website that ranks high in search engine results pages (SERPs).

Contact Us to activate your 2023 website and social media strategy. We will lay the foundation and branding, and you take care of the person to person interactions from leads generated.

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Some of Our Valuable Corporate Partners!

If your looking for a better way to prequalify social media leads, internet leads and new email prospects. Our new Corporate Partner Dedicated Office can help.

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We love hearing from past clients who implemented suggested strategy and technology.
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Practice Development Video Library!

Our library of practice development videos can help with practice growth and reactivation during/after the COVID.pandemic. There are many marketing tips.

To that end, we have created the Social Media Solutions For Doctors: Practice Development Channel. Currently, we have about 8 videos to start and will be adding more in the coming months!. 

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If you have questions about marketing please send us an email and we try to answer them as quickly as possible
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