Medical Newsletter Design

Newsletters are designed to keep your consumer or business audience up to date on what the latest and greatest offerings are within your medical practice or business.

In most cases, newsletters are sent monthly or quarterly, but they allow you to stand out within your list of clients. Within the newsletter, you can post videos, online coupons, announce the addition of staff, list upcoming events, and specials, etc.

A newsletter should be brief, yet informative, and should excite your readers/consumers about things going on in the practice or business. Ideally, you want to motivate them to move closer to a buying decision. So your newsletter should be inspiring. Create a call to action that drives them to buy now or schedule an appointment!

Newsletters are often used to promote Holiday Specials and events like Breast Cancer Awareness or Back To School specials etc. The more visual you make the Newsletter with images or videos the greater your response will be from consumers or businesses.

newsletter should be brief scaled 600x600
And yes Newsletters are a critical part of your marketing plan so be sure that you have a great content writer or use a company like Social Media Solutions for Doctors to help you. Blogger or WordPress are great tools to help with both Blogging as well as creating Newsletters. The more you write, post, and communicate with your followers, the greater likelihood you will be viewed as a resource and considered by Google spiders for indexing of your content. You want to give the search engines a reason to keep visiting your website to improve placement and organic ranking and to help with that make both blogging and newsletters a priority.
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