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Doctors Social Media Marketing Orlando is now the most common form of communication other than texting.

Solo Practitioners, Medical Practice Groups and Business Owners need to understand that it is in their best interest to start, maintain, and grow their social media footprint.

What is your doctors social media marketing Orlando footprint?

It is the number of times your content or social media ad gets seen by followers, shared by followers, and posted to others via Likes.


Ideally, these followers are gathering the facts about you, your medical practice, and seeing your overall reviews from consumers before they make a buying decision.

The great part about doctors social media marketing Orlando is that it’s free or complementary to activate your page and professional business pages. And while it is free to create pages, it’s not free to get help with creating a compelling message that inspires consumers to purchase.

In fact, Facebook views are very important. Leads to Conversions as a result of social media contacts seem to have a much better close rate than even pay per click ads at times. We at Social Media Solutions for Doctors believe that our understanding of the medical community provides our clients of doctors and practice groups a special advantage over their competition.

What are the best social media tools for a successful medical practice?

  • Twitter
  • Facebook Video and Live Chat
  • Pinterest
  • Instagram
  • Google My Business
  • LinkedIn

Each of these social media platforms is good for sharing video, repurposing content, posting ads, showing happy patient reviews, listing hours of operations, as well as giving directions to your practice location or website for obtaining additional and more detailed information.

Lead Generation Services

Our Silver Plan

Our Silver Plan The Silver Package provides social media integration to improve brand awareness and messaging consistency for lead acquisition

Our Gold Plan

The Gold package includes all services within the Silver Package. A New Custom Desktop & Mobile Website Design that includes

Our Platinum Plan

All-inclusive of Silver and Gold packages with Custom Mobile Website Design that includes:

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