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Content is Key

It can be said that content is king, but in truth, content is key to any online success a medical practice may hope to achieve.

Why do you ask?

All Search Engines act as an aggregator or online library for information, products, and services of all kinds.


Today’s consumer spends the vast majority of their time online reviewing and browsing information about services and products which they want, need, or desire. In the medical community, namely fee for service doctors and practice groups, creating, listing, and posting the most up to date information is critical to business growth and income creation.

Not having enough relevant content about your services and products as well as how they work and what to expect once the services or products are used can cause a practice to fall behind their competition significantly or at the very least stunt practice growth.

Otherwise, the error gets cached by the search engines, and you’re stuck with having to write additional content to drive down the content that was posted in error.

When it comes to medical content and terminology, we always recommend that the doctor or a medical content writer be the one to complete this task. Because the doctors’ name is tied to the content, it’s his or her job to ensure the information is accurate and easy to understand.

Using proper terminology and keywords within the content will help a practice get indexed much faster and with greater frequency by the search engines. The more you write about a given product or service with a fresh perspective the greater the return in the form of new patients or prospects!

This along with Pay Per Click marketing and beautiful website design will keep old and new customers coming back for more and seeing your practice as the best medical resource online.

So while it is said that content is king, the truth is content is key to growing a thriving and growing medical practice in the fee for service medical community!

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