Medical Marketing & Patient Lead Generation

Medical Marketing Patient Lead Generation

The Internet Is Still Great For Your Business & Medical Practice!

In June of 2015, we wrote an article entitled Is Social Media Good for Your Practice most of what we said then still applies now as it showed how the internet, in general, remains an integral and necessary part of business and practice growth for consumer engagement.

This thought process applies to both new and current clients.

The internet in truth is really the lifeblood of any fee for service business or practice. It’s where patients find out about who you are, what you can do for them, and if your products or services meet their budget.

From the outset, a monthly marketing budget must be established. Why? Because you can’t reach your income goals unless you know how many customers are needed and what it will cost to reach that number of paying customers.

In today’s competitive environment, marketing isn’t free. But if you set a budget, make a plan for every month, and use all or most of the listed tools. You’ll find continued and sustained growth in your business or medical practice.

How much do you need to spend? Typically a budget of 20% or no less than 15% of your monthly gross income. That number is based on the fact that Marketing is a necessary expense and should be viewed as a part of the monthly expenses.

Pay Per Click using Search Engines, Social Media, and Youtube:

Using the right words and designing an effective keyword marketing campaign requires experience. You can’t trust this to just anyone. We have close to twenty years of helping the fee for service industry to attract and close new patients. Let us help you design a program that gets results. Our approach is systematic and effective.

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Practice Development and Consultation

It has been said that the least paid person has the most significant impact on your practice. Solo practitioners and practice groups lose a great deal of potential income when a practice review is not done yearly. Social Media Solutions for Doctors will provide a comprehensive review of your practice from top to bottom. From staff configuration, call quality training, identifying or reviewing marketing plans to ensure the ROI is worth the investment.
Call for a personal and private consultation.

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Practice Development and Consultation

Social Media Development, Management, Support and Postings

Connecting with customers by way of Social Media is not as easy as it seems. This is especially true when it comes to the Medical community. Your messaging has to be accurate, visually attractive, and most importantly, informative. With so many voices talking at consumers, you need messaging that captures viewers attention and keeps it. Social Media Solutions for Doctors has been doing this for our doctors and practice groups successfully for ten years. We’ve worked with and for Plastic Surgeons, Dermatologists, Ophthalmologists, Anti-Aging doctors, Weightloss doctors as well Infertility, Regenerative and Stemcell Specialists. Social Media Solutions provides a 24-hour connection to a significant number of potential patients.

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Lead Generation Services

Our Silver Plan

The Silver Package provides social media integration within all social platforms to improve brand awareness and message consistency. Your daily post relates to all topics and service-based product posts for client engagement and lead generation.

 It also includes a Basic Mobile Website Design with up to 15 pages, 3 Weekly Topical Post to all social media channels:

– Facebook
– Twitter
– LinkedIn
– Google My Business
– Instagram
– Branded Monthly Newsletter
– Creation of Facebook, and Instagram Ads and Retargeting for Lead Generation
(Ad spend is outside of the package and is based upon business income goals )

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Our Gold Plan

The Gold package includes all services within the Silver Package

– 5 Daily Social Media Posts
– Practice Development
– Consulting Services
– Social Media Integration for Lead Generation
– YouTube Channel Development and Promotion
– Branded Monthly Newsletter for Lead Generation
– Chatbot Services for Lead Generation
– Website Patient Testimonial Promotions
– Website Language Translation Button
– Premium Call Tracking Service for Lead Generation

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Our Platinum Plan

All-inclusive of Silver and Gold packages with Custom Mobile Website Design that includes:

– Up to 25 pages and Product Shopping Cart Page

– Practice Development Consulting Services

– Staff Sales Training and Development Script

– Branded and Customized Monthly Newsletter for Lead Generation

– Promotion of Monthly Seminars or Lunch and Learns

– Google My Business
– Site Map Placement
– Reputation Management

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