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Let Social Media Solutions for Doctors help guide you to be the very best at new patient acquisition and consumer engagement. Your wallet will thank you later!

Social Media Solutions For Doctors was created out of the need to help physicians to safely integrate social, chat, text, and mobile website design into their medical marketing plan and communication process with patients.

As more and more doctors transition their practice to a fee for service model with a focus on well care.

Having and using Social Media as an effective communication and outreach tool will undoubtedly drive up the number of new patient visitors as well as patient recommendations with testimonials about the office for cash-based prospects to see. The key to your success is having a team of experts who understand what it takes to get your message across to the public and your local community. Social Media Solutions For Doctors has helped both individual doctor offices and practice groups to identify, engage, and recruit paying patients who will advocate for your office!

By putting together the proper mix and match of marketing, education, monthly specials, and calls to action. Tied with wonderful visuals and content that tells prospective patients who you are across many of the most popular social media platforms, our Social Media Strategist steer business away from your competition and into your office. This is also integrated into your mobile website design along with pay per click, newsletters, blogs, and a sprinkle of local media, print ads, seminars, and monthly specials. Social Media Solutions for Doctors creates a powerful engagement machine with a strong call to action.

The Right People on The Right Job!

Quintin L. Gunn Sr.

Quintin L. Gunn Sr.


If your having problems with staff, their job descriptions, and consultation closure training Social Media Solutions for Doctors can help. I also want to look at your product offerings and service offerings, evaluate the marketing program relative to the results for that product and marketing dollar spent. Taking a look at the practice configuration and layout to determine how it impacts patient flow. Create alliance building and cross-promotional opportunities to help ensure additional referral sources via lead generation, social media, and video with Before and After imagery.
Feel free to send me an email at [email protected] or call me direct at +1407-863-6799 Leave your name and number as well as your website address. My business principle is to give you the ability to “Inspect What You Expect”.
Create and set up your medical practice and marketing matrix that allows you to measure and monitor if the way you are directing your marketing dollars and business is the way to success.

Barbara Beauvais

Barbara Beauvais

Sr. Practice Development Consultant

Having worked in the Aesthetic Cosmetic and Regenerative industry for more than ten years. I have successfully sold over three million dollars in cosmetic and regenerative services and was one of the Lead Patient Care Coordinators at Clevens Face and Body Specialists and EternaMD Medical Rejuvenation Center where I still work. At Social Media Solutions for Doctors, we provided sales training for Anti Aging, Age Management services, NeoGraft Hair Restoration, Non-Surgical and Surgical Liposculpture, Fat Transfer to Face, Breast, and Buttock, Laser skin resurfacing for Sun Damage, Stem Cell treatments for sports injuries and arthritis pain, to Erectus Shot for men and O Shot for women. My experience and my role is to ensure your staff learns the best patient engagement process from beginning to the end. We want to ensure that the patient engagement process is of the highest quality. I train your staff in the best practices for upsells, and show them how to increase their dollar per transaction per client. And most importantly I show your staff how to get the patient prospect to make an informed buying decision.

Fred Vinson

Fred Vinson

Marketing Automation Expert

I graduated from Vanderbilt University in 1999 and got my bachelors degree in Engineering Science with a double major in Math.
Right after graduating, I was drafted in the 1999 NFL draft to the Green Bay Packers.

A knee injury ended my career and I made the transition to digital marketing.
I have over 15 years of digital marketing experience and my goal is to help as many business owners as I can automate at least 80% of their marketing so they can free up their time to service their customers.
My solution to achieving that goal is by creating very affordable but yet effective marketing automation systems to help automate your lead generation, auto qualify those leads, and automate the follow up to help close those leads.

Claudia Cortes

Claudia Cortes

Lead Social Media Brand Developer

As the Lead Social Media Brand Developer, my role is to bring awareness to your practice through graphics and imagery. How you look online is just as important as what you say. Previously I worked as a Business and Program Analyst where I:

AAnalyze user needs to design and implement solutions, Constantly improve procedures already implemented, Networking Administration, Automation of the backup system (Unix), Automation of the starting and shut down the process of the server (Unix), Coordination of the information system bulletin: Esc@pe
Taking that knowledge and experience and turning it into what customers want for me is important. At Social Media Solutions For Doctors, we know that beauty is in the eye of the beholder. So my role over the last four years has been to analyze and craft images with graphics that speak to both the doctors and clients.

The First Step to Our Success is That We Actually Have Done & Still Provide Practice Development

Our CSO – Quintin L. Gunn Sr. and his team have more than fifteen years experience of successfully guiding and directing many Cosmetic and Aesthetic practice groups to improved financial footing by creating solid marketing plans which are engaging, informative and attractive. Each practice has its own voice and patient population personality. Social Media Solutions For Doctors truly understands the inner workings of Aesthetic, Cosmetic, Integrative Health, Primary Care, Ophthalmology, Cosmetic Dental, Regenerative/Stem Cell, Anti Aging and/or Age Management medical practice groups. Not to mention Weight Loss, Orthopedic, Chiropractic, and Sports Medicine doctors.

We also believe having a well trained and informed staff that knows your list of procedures and services creates a motivated and happy staff that will further encourage patients to tell others. And just remember, the least paid person in your practice, can have the biggest impact on your bottom line as they are often the first point of contact prospective patients have with your office!

By integrating as many social media tools as you can that display properly within a high end and informative mobile website. You can expect a significant number of Shares, Likes, and Repost which in turn leads to more new paying patients for your practice! Today, consumers are more informed, more demanding, and unwilling to accept subpar treatment. So your website and social media message has to be simple, informative, and clear. In fact. when consumers share any of your latest articles, events, recommendations, or monthly specials. They can generate and drive as much as a ten to twenty-five percent revenue increase for your practice!


    Social Media Solutions For Doctors GOAL FOR YOUR PRACTICE!


    Our business goal is to help any practice group or individual doctor who is struggling with stagnant income, no job descriptions for their staff, low conversion of internet leads, or little time or understanding of how to implement Social Media in their practice we can help!
    Not knowing how to navigate this new social media frontier and how to manage content can and will affect your practice income.

    Having an annual Practice Assessment/Audit is the start. Then use that Audit/Analysis to develop a growth strategy and realistic marketing plan.

    Taking this step by step evaluation along with key questions will help to identify where the loss of revenue is happening and how to fix it. The Audit/Analysis should include a comprehensive assessment and evaluation of your consultation closure process.

    This is designed to help increase and improve the total number of scheduled consults while decreasing stagnant income due to poor call quality and poor phone handling skills. We also want to look at your products and service offerings, evaluate your marketing program/plan relative to the results for those products or service dollars they generate for the money you spend. Before you spend, have a plan!

    So, if you are in need of social media services, mobile website design, having problems with your staff, missing job descriptions, or losing business because of a weak consultation closure process.

    Social Media Solutions For Doctors can help.

    Leave your name, number, as well as your website address, your wallet will thank you later!

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