Medical Lead Automation

Medical Lead Automation

At Social Media Solutions For Doctors, we take innovation to the next level to enhance practice performance and profitability within their medical marketing lead generated efforts online.

We see automation and tracking of lead performance as The Key To Practice Success!

Our team has developed an innovative strategy to help turn social media leads to consults and consults to paying patients.

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Using social media ads, social media retargeting, landing pages as well as surveys, we help to prequalify patients long before they arrive in your office.

Using geographic location management, and precision graphics to promote products and services the result leads to new patient interaction which is centered around what consumers are looking for. We work to create compelling graphics and ads that easily explain and promote your medical practice and the services offered.

Some of the tools we use to help drive new consumers to your practice will vary based upon your income goals?

  • Facebook Ads and Retargeting
  • Instagram Ads and Retargeting
  • Google My Business Integrations
  • Social Media Chatbots For Automated Responses To New Inquires
  • SMS – Text Messaging for Immediate Followup
  • Daily Post with Calls To Action Related To Products and Services
  • Website Integration using Plugins to Drive Up Likes and Followers
  • Monthly Newsletters That Keep You: Top Of Mind from Emails Collected from Online Ads
  • Creation and Development of Automated Responders for Leads By Category and Speciality