Tips for Google My Business for Doctors in Colorado for medical practice

Are you thinking of creating a Google My Business for Doctors in Colorado? Many people are at their most vulnerable when they are at a doctor’s office sharing all details about their health. As the nature of the business, patients need to take services with someone they trust.

It means many potential patients are looking into your business online to ensure they are in the right hands before scheduling a consultation. Creating a Google my business page for your medical practice can help your business visible in top results with information users looking for.

Why Your Medical Practice Need a Google My Business Page?

Google is the most used search engine, having more than 80% of the total search volume worldwide. Google My Business tool helps to create pages for businesses and organizations to handle the online presence on Google for free. If you have Google My Business for Doctors in Colorado, it will be easier for patients to find your practice online. Businesses with a Google My Business listing make it twice as likely to have their products and services considered as reputable by customers.

How to Create a Google My Business Page?

1. Setting Up Local Pages for your practice

Creating a Business Page for medical practices can be daunting because there are plenty of multiple business entities at a location. You can check Google guidelines for Google My Business.

If you are the sole public-facing practitioner, then you don’t have to create separate pages. Instead, you can create a single page that represents both your branded company and the sole practitioner. It should be in the format of [Brand/Company]: [Practitioner Name].

If you are one of many public-facing practitioners in an area, then create a single local page. You need a page with the practice or brand name and a local page for each practitioner. You have to title those pages with the practitioner’s name, not with the business or practice name, as Google detects them as duplicate pages due to the conflicts in the algorithm.

2. Optimize Your Online Presence 

Now that you have a page for Google My Business for doctors in Colorado that Google recognizes, it is time to optimize it. You need to add the following information on Google Maps and in search results:

  • Your business name
  • Your business logo
  • Your business description
  • Your business address
  • Your business hours of operation, including changes to hours due to public holidays
  • Your contact details

It is the information that helps a potential patient to reach your medical practice.

3. Upload Photos of Your Practice

Because patients are putting their health into your hands, they will be keen to know everything about your practice. These details will help a potential patient know whether to book an appointment or go for a visit. If you upload pictures of your building, facilities, including the reception area, treatment rooms, parking, prospective patients can begin to feel more confident about choosing you over your competitors. It will prepare them with what to expect when they arrive for an appointment.

4. Share a Complete List of Services

Patients should know what services your medical practice offer to help them visit the right place. Google my business for doctors in Colorado helps attract potential patients by indicating a complete list of services you provide. You should give detailed information but in understandable terms as prospective patients do not have medical degrees. Adding complicated medical terms may confuse them and make them look for help somewhere else.

5. Answers to Frequently Asked Questions

Prospective patients have doubts beyond the basics of where your practice is located and your operating hours. You can add answers to common queries with the Q&A section of your profile. Some of the questions people ask are as follows:

  • What to bring during your first visit?
  • How early should you arrive before your scheduled visit?
  • What to do in case of an emergency?

By answering these frequently asked questions, you can save your staff time by addressing the same point multiple times a day. It gives prospective patients more information before they reach your medical practice.

Boost Your Business Online Presence with Google my Business Page

Creating a page for Google my business for doctors in Colorado is a free tool and provides prospective patients with all the details to book an appointment. Patients can easily find your contact details, services, and answers to FAQs. People nowadays search online for health information. If you have a Google Business Page, it allows you to share your expertise and promote your medical practice.

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