Google AdWords – Pay Per Click

Google AdWords – Pay Per Click

Google AdWords/Pay Per Click is used to enhance your ability to be found online. Both large and small companies use Google Adwords to help them jump to the front of the line to be seen by consumers and businesses alike.

This is an essential part of any new website design program as it enables businesses to set a daily, weekly, monthly, or annual budget for lead generation via online advertising.

The great part is that you only pay when people click the featured link that takes buyers to a dedicated landing page where questions get answered, services get promoted, or where you can purchase what you display online for purchase. Google AdWords are largely focused and targeted via specific keywords that again identify products, services, people, and brands that a person or company might search for or has expressed an interest in via their Google, Yahoo, or Bing search.

Because Google AdWords can move you to the front of the line and above Organic search results, you should expect to pay a premium for this opportunity of a preferred placement.

Otherwise, without great content related to the topic or service, most businesses or resources find themselves languishing just beneath paid search placement. And believe us, if you don’t have enough good to great content, your ability to attract new or paying customers is greatly diminished. We at Social Media Solutions for Doctors often describe beautiful websites with little to no content, as a beautiful dress with no place to be displayed or seen.

websites content is fully indexed

This is critical to Fee for service or cash-based medical practice groups like Plastic Surgeons, Cosmetic Surgeons, Age Management, Bariatric, or Weight loss Specialist just to name a few. These practices especially need quality content and images that show Before and After pictures that drive consumer or business purchases. Additionally, businesses need to make sure that the content of such services is detailed, easy to read, and most importantly easy to find.

At Social Media Solutions for Doctors, we believe that if you’re just activating a new website, Google Adwords will be instrumental in your exposure initially until your website’s content is fully indexed. We recommend no less than one full quarter of Pay Per Click Marketing. You can also use Google Adwords; Pay Per Click to help launch new products or services within your Aesthetic or medical practice.

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