5 Reasons you need Medical Marketing for Doctors in Orlando

There was a time when you have to implement marketing campaigns on the radio and place print ads in newspapers. However, as everything gets digital, clinics and medical practices are expanding their reach through Medical Marketing for Doctors in Orlando.

Any modern medical practice that wants to compete in the current digital environment has to follow medical marketing strategies. It doesn’t mean you have to ignore the traditional print ads, especially when your practice is already getting a result from these ads. However, you can increase the response by leveraging digital marketing tactics in combination with traditional marketing strategies. 

Studies have shown that digital marketing for doctors works, regardless of your specialty or practice size.

Reasons You Need Medical Marketing for Doctors in Orlando

Check out the top five reasons your practice needs medical marketing to attract new leads, connect with patients, and build your medical practice:

More patients are online: 

The internet and social media channels are now changing the way potential patients search for their healthcare providers. As per a survey in 2016, approx 54 percent of users search for a local doctor online. The figure is continuous, reflecting the increasing time spent by patients online. So, as a medical practitioner, would it be a wise decision to let go of ever-increasing online visibility? No matter what healthcare service you offer it is critical to create an online image that helps you retain patients and attract new ones. At the end of the day, you want to get more patients both online and offline. So why not focus on your online presence with Medical Marketing for Doctors in Orlando

Easier to target the right audience: 

Gone are the days when one fits all the requirements. Today’s digital era demands a customized marketing practice. There is a customer for every service. How do you find these potential patients and pitch your service?

Medical Marketing for Doctors in Orlando is the answer! With plenty of online channels and social media platforms, you can target markets and audiences across the world. For instance, Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter allow you to search for your target audience based on demographics, interests, and more. It means you can advertise and promote your medical practice to the right audience and generate more leads.

Digital marketing for doctors is cost-effective: 

Not all medical practices have significant marketing budgets. Smaller clinics seem to struggle the most when it comes to investing in marketing activities which makes competition uneven. However, digital marketing has balanced the field for competitors. The Internet offers equal opportunities to all practices, despite the size, budget, or location. All you need to do is to search for relevant tools and services like local online listing management, content marketing, search engine optimization (SEO), and social media marketing to rank your medical practice. Traditional advertising mediums may not be impactful and can cost you more. However, Medical Marketing for Doctors in Orlando is both cost-effective and has a wider reach across the globe.

Easier to interact and engage with patients: 

Patients’ demands are evolving and as a service provider, you have to stay on top, you must these ever-changing needs. It means you have to remain updated and aware of what your patients are looking for, what they demand, what they like or dislike. All this information is crucial for marketing your services and gaining more results. Traditional marketing methods are one-sided as the information is only offered to users but you don’t get their views. There is zero interaction between user and service provider. On the other hand, online marketing offers a platform to interact and engage potential and existing patients. Through popular social media networks, you can interact with the patients, know about their preferences. It will help you build a stronger digital healthcare marketing plan for doctors.

Develop and improve online reputation: 

Branding is essential for the long-term success of the medical business. Patients may or may not remember a product or service, but they keep in touch with practices with their care and compassion. One small mistake can give your medical practice a wrong impression in minds of patients. We all know that a brand is a perception of a business that remains in the mind of your customer. But it can take several years to build your brand image. However, medical marketing is helping new and small practices position themselves in the market and build your brand reputation. Through an effective online medium, you can advertise and create great user experiences to add to your brand image. You should keep in mind that branding is not just selling a product or service. It is patient engagement, pre-and post-treatment care, and providing a value for money they are paying for service.

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Google Translate

Some doctors use Google Translate to communicate with patients who do not speak English. But it is not reliable as Google Translate is an unsafe method for medical communication and could compromise patient safety. It changes the actual meaning. 

Although searches play a crucial role in how Google is influencing medical practices. Alphabet’s forays are working on it and are expected to make reliable discoveries for medical practice.  

For instance, The head of Google Health, David Feinberg, MD, stated in a Google blog that artificial intelligence will power new techniques to “advance many facets of healthcare: delivery, access, and so much more.” 

Google researchers have developed AI systems that help to detect breast, skin, and lung cancers and to predict acute kidney injuries in patients quickly than diagnosed now. 

Google used it for a patent for its electronic health record to predict medical events based on the data recorded. 

Google contribution to medicine

Mayo Clinic and Google are working together, with the tech company opening an office in Rochester, to be geographically close to the health system. Mayo uses advanced cloud computing, data analytics, machine learning, and AI to get a solution to complex healthcare problems. The partnership blends clinical proficiency with a leader in digital technology.

As per the health system, this partnership will redefine how health care services are delivered and boost the pace of healthcare techniques through digital technologies. 

Even nonprofit health systems are working with Google to ensure streamlined consumer engagement, enhance the caregiver experience and improve efficiency in technology operations. The data stored on Google Cloud will support interdisciplinary care and the ability to search. Also, the team will work on artificial intelligence applications.

Such contribution has sparked privacy concerns, but the experts say the work fulfills the industry privacy regulations. 

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