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"I have known Quintin for nearly 20 years and he has a high level of integrity and honesty. He is also one of the most knowlegeable experts in marketing medical practices online. "
Bill Fukui
MedShark Digital, LLC Washington, DC
"Q is a sharp savvy entrepreneur, at the top of his game! He knows social media and how important it is to doctors! "
Shirley D Harper
Diversified Back Office Solutions (DBOS)
"He is a great guy to work with! Very smart, and really knows his stuff!"
Arezoo Aria
aiSeo.dev Bellvue, CO
"Quintin was very informative from the first time we spoke, outlining the strengths and weaknesses of my practice's social media and online presence in detail. I would recommend speaking with him if you are looking to move forward with a better strategy for your company's social media and online presence. "
Glenn Flanagan
Naples Regenerative Institute Naples, FL
"Been using them for my marketing for the last 6 months. They have significantly increased my leads and volume in spite of the current situation. They are not cookie cutter at all and really tailor your marketing to your needs and budget"
Daniel Savarino
Apex Center for Regenerative Medicine Tinton Falls, NJ
"He’s the best"
Rahul Mehan
East Valley Urology Center Mesa, AZ
"Social Media is a must for forward-thinking providers today but can be cumbersome without the expertise. This agency "
Jo Ann Nichols
Integrative Medical Billing and Coding Solutions, LLC (IMS) San Antonio, TX
"AP Medical, Inc and Around The World Catering & Private Chef's"
Art Toth
Around the World Catering Wexford, PA
"Absolutely, these guys are really good"
Jerry Jacobson
PatientNOW for aesthetic medical practices Greenwood Village, CO
"Great work, very professional, really knows their stuff!"
Doug Mercer
Dallas Regenerative Solutions Dallas, TX
"You can trust Quintin to do a great job!"
Marlene Chism
Marlene Chism Inc Springfield, MO
"Over the top with knowledge and compassion. "
Dee Dee Viator
Best Day Spa Bridge City, TX
"Wishing they were in California, Great work ethics"
Sylvie Archenault
Selective Esthetics, Advanced Post-graduate Esthetic Facility Woodland Hills, CA
"A true gentleman "
Todd K. Malan
Center For Regenerative Cell Medicine Scottsdale, AZ
"Quintin provides helpful, easily accessable information for Physicians"
Martin Ray
View Laser Skin Rejuvenation Delta, BC
"Works hard and constantly active, getting the job done. "
Shawn H. Taylor
Harvey Taylor of Palm Beach Palm Beach, FL
"Quinton is the bomb!"
Austin Crowder
Dallas Regenerative Solutions Dallas, TX
"Quintin is highly skilled in providing customized social media campaigns for any size practice "
Angela McCloskey
Angela McCloskey, Realtor Orlando, FL
"Q and his team are the best at connecting healthcare providers to social media"
Barrett Morrison
"We pride ourselves on being a doctor and practice focused Medical Marketing Agency. With close to twenty years experience in online medical marketing, staff training, and practice development, we feel our ability to help your practice reach its financial goals are a direct result of our experience. Check us out www.smsdrs.com or call 407-702-4408 "
Quintin Gunn Sr.
Social Media Solutions for Doctors Maitland, FL
"Quintin Gunn has the experience from working in the industry and seeing what is important from a legal standpoint for physicians and how to bring new patients to your practice."
Mary Corry
WorldLink Medical North Salt Lake, UT
"Highly recommended!! "
Debbie Rosenberg
Debbie Rosenberg Clearwater, FL
"Powerful results for medical practices that need social media solutions. And don't they all?! True experts"
Martin Forster
Choose Better Live Longer, LLC Orlando, FL
"Best social media knowledge for health care! And I am a friend of the main competitor, but these guys are stronger in the craft!"
Tim Andrus
Dental CXO Cedar Hills, UT
"It’s nice to meet you! "
Dr Todd
Employee Retention Credit For Charity Pensacola, FL
"Quintin and his team are experts in getting providers more patients and beyond"
Eric Karukin
Products4Doctors Holiday, FL
"Quintin is a pleasure to work with. He is knowledgeable, professional and courteous. That is a very nice combination!"
Frank Martin
The Medical Consultants Group Chattahoochee Hills, GA
"I have been fortunate to have the privilege of working in forward thinking and progression within Regenerative Medicine and solutions for the Covid era with Quintin. He comes with a plethora of experiences, knowledge, and insight with a of outside the box thinking while applying it to today's medical industry. I highly recommend any professional seeking a new insight into today's market to seek him out. "
James Vanden Bosch
Bosch Consultant, LLC Jacksonville, FL
"Quintin is one of those really smart people you want to work with , you just know he is going to do things correct as well"
Eric Karukin
Products4Doctors Holiday, FL
"Dear I am very excited to learn more about what you do and would love to touch base. ..." Read more
Dr. Steven Helschien
my healthy patient/ my healthy employee Columbia, MD
"Getting presence online and showing what you specialize in is the name of the game in this day of age. Give Quintin a call! He and his staff will help you get the likes you need to grow your practice!"
Hai-En Peng
Align Foot and Ankle Center Camarillo, CA
"I have seen some of Quintin's work....he has a talent, that is obvious and a keen sharpness for detail."
Lorelei Delaney
Independent Newsmedia Sun City, AZ
Nelson Freitas
Lake Nona Regional Chamber of Commerce Orlando, FL
"Outstanding service. "
Dr. Stella Nemuseso
Dynamic Therapy and Wellness Services Ocala, FL
"They offer a service that is essential for marketing a cosmetic and elective services-forcused practice in today's online consumer market. "
Bill Fukui
MedShark Digital, LLC Washington, DC
Beth Moffett
Lake Nona Regional Chamber of Commerce Orlando, FL
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